Performer and guitar teacher, journalist, graduated in law at the University of Bari, lawyer of the court of Lecce. He has been performing since 1984 in Italy and abroad as a soloist and in chamber ensembles and as a soloist with the orchestra. Among the most significant events: Upper Academy of Music in Tirana, Organ Hall of Sochi, where he recorded for the Russian TV, Moscow, Athens, Corinth, Catania, Cles, Ravello, Milan, New York. Winner Contests to Chairs of Guitar Conservatories (Trieste, 1994), he has also achieved between 1990 and 1991 the 1st prize at the international competition “Rovere d’Oro” St. Bartholomew’s a Mare, the 2nd ex aequo prize at the International Competition of Guitar “M. Giuliani “in Turin, as well as 15 awards in national competitions of instrumental performance including 11 first prizes. Since 2008 he is the author and artistic director of the XMAS GUITAR CONTEST and Salento GUITAR FESTIVAL; in June 2010 he was curator and artistic director of the summer festival “Music by the Sea” and in 2011 the artistic director and legal counsel of the “Festival Mauro Carratta” Ugento (Le).

He has collaborated with performers of international prestige including Katia Ricciarelli, Roland DYENS, Alain MEUNIER, Cristiano. ROSSI, Roberto Fabbri, Eduardo Pasqual DIEZ, Fabrizio PALMA, Rocco Zifarelli. And he is also author of over thirty compositions for guitar much of which have been recorded in its publications record: “Caresse Lunaire” and “Agua de Beber”. Sounds of guitars built by the Masters luthiers Antonino Scandurra – Catania in 1982, 1990 – and Alessandro Marseglia – Pozzuoli (NA) 2006.

Now he is professor of Guitar at the Music Academy “T. Schipa “of Lecce.

Works:Suite d’Ottobre (1988); Enares (1994), Nocturno in Palma de Mallorca, (1993) Paraphernalia (five fantasy 1988-91), Elegia romana (1996), Bossa 1998, Mariposa, Barcarola sul Po, Tarantella, Bluewaltz, (1998), Pavane, Caresse Lunaire, Lullaby, Impromptu (2000), Bossa 2001, Momento musicale (2001), Toccata, Fadings, Lovers in travel, Discoverings (2002), XXIX Settembre, Epigramma, Blueballad (2003), Suite III (Preludio-Intermezzo-Danza-Finale), Thankness (2004), Fantasia su la Ciaccona di J. S. BACH; LEO Blue-touching, (2007) Mr. Doctor (2008) Glaze and flour, Fisherman’s dance, Ballad for Delia (2011) for a solo guitar; Entr’Acte for cello and guitar (1987), Concitationibus for a solo transverse flute, Due Reminiscenze for flute and guitar (1988), Witherose for singing and guitar (1999).

Discography:Caresse Lunaire, ED204 Dodicilune,1999; Agua de bebèr, JS301 Fgs music, 2001.Travelguitar, under publication.



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